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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

6 Things

It's important to really sit down and reflect each year. Recently I've finally got some time to really think through 
what 2015 has given me. So thought I'd shared some of my lessons learnt with you guys and hopefully it inspires you :) 
P/s I made a short video while me and my best friend was exploring this beautiful place in my hometown malacca, 
Click on it and feel the mood! btw, floral kimono is sponsored by  DREAMSCAPE  (check them out too!)

1. Detox, Cleanse & Remove

...not only what you put in your body, but the people you surround yourself with. Even online, on facebook- Is this person constantly ranting about how bad his/her life is? Are you still 'spying' on your ex? Wait, do you have your ex's password and is constantly checking who is he talking online?? Don't do that... even if it was a 'clean breakup' (or not) clinging on this 'hope' that he is not doing as good as you are is totally UNHEALTHY. Detox the negativity, unfollow all of the instagram accounts and fb friends that make you feel like shit. Unsubscribe to constantly-popping-up-random-ass-e-newsletters that you don't even remember signing up for. Is this 'friend' constantly pulling you down? Is this person always using you just for his/her benefits? Have a good look at your circle because you are the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Which leads to my second point...

2. Managing Time

We all have our fair shares of procrastinating. Procrastination is the Thief of Time, so set your goals everyday, it's always good to set a What-do-you-see-yourself-in-5-years goals, but everyday, set aside time to just sit by yourself and be silent. Schedule yourself into your day. Target what do you want to finish today, write it down, write down what you're going to accomplish at the beginning of every workday (or before!), what are the steps you need to take to accomplish a certain task, GET A PLANNER! This is a practise that I've been doing for 6 years now and it really makes me feel like my time is well spent. Hey, we all know time is short, so spend every minute of it wisely!

3. Dress UP

I've been toning it down with dressing up in 2015 - a lot of the reasons were: Being too busy at work / Couldn't be bothered because 'it's just the mamak' situation / No hot guys around to impress also, dress for what?? / Just want to be comfortable,etc. Sigh... That wasn't 'me' before, and honestly dressing down (I mean just casually grabbing sweatpants with some random shirt going out) affects your mood a lot. For me, it made me felt less motivated to do work, less happy - more gloomy, very "cin-cai" - and I hated it. Apart from that I hated the fact when you put on something tight or something that you haven't wore for a long time and you ABSOLUTELY look HORRID in it because you don't fit it anymore. Oh my goodness, that feeling of not being able to buckle your jeans is so depressing, I never want to feel that again this year! Let's fill up our closet with beautiful clothes this year okay? Speaking of which, the beautiful blue floral kimono that you see me in is from DREAMSCAPE - A local online boutique which (in my opinion) very Zara-like. They're modern and chic, their style is simple, but minimalist in a way where it fits everyone, I've already gotten a few pieces from them before, like this grey knit top HERE, this ripped jeans HERE, all are some of my favourite pieces from them. I highly recommend you guys to check them out because after a few wash, the quality is still very good!! You guys can head onto their website to check them out :)

4. Explore different things at least once a week

Exploring something new could be a different cafe (yes we heard you, you cafe-hoppers), a new type of movie genre, a new hobby, a new kind of sport, or travel to somewhere foreign you've never seen before, breath a new air, watch a new tv series, cut a new hairstyle, try colored contact lenses for once if you haven't! Simple things, little things that sparks a "new" kindda feeling. Always feel a sort of refresh in your system, because life's too short doing the same routine over and over again. Doesn't mean that you have a 9-5 job so you need to be boring. What are those labels anyways?! So always do something to "refresh" your routine everyday.

5. Be a Friend to Yourself

Stop beating yourself up. Imagine the words that you say to yourself :"You're too fat / God you're so ugly / No one likes you / You're useless"
Would you say these kind of things to your friends or someone you love? If not why do it to yourself? Be a good friend to yourself, take some
time to properly listen to what you want and feel, because at the end of the day, no boyfriend or no best friend is gonna take care of you
24/7. You yourself know what you want, so stick by your own side at all times. and be nice

6. Remember the good

This one took quite a hard time to write because it's an unfortunate consequence of the human condition that our failures tend to stand out more prominently than our triumphs. Just to name a few lows from 2015, the top highlights were the fact that I found out I was manipulated for 2 and a half years, cheated and lied and used and then chucked aside, a huge part of me died during that process. my Macbook died, I lost my iphone which was hella depressing, my car died, and all these happened in a month! Great! Hella great. but at the same time I did survived it anyways, if not I won't be here tying on the keyboards of my new iMac, thinking about how a wrong situation could lead you to know what is the right path. Of me finally learning how to be picky with who I invest my time in, because wasted time is worse than wasted money. No doubt that I did had to learn things the hard way, and in many desperate hours I blame myself for not being able to see clearer or understand it faster. All I know is that this year, I want to make things better, for myself, and for the people I care about. As cliche as it sounds, count your blessings.
Someone else is praying for the blessings you take for granted. 

There, I'm finally done with writing the thoughts in my head. Finally (after 20 days) I feel like I can close the chapter of 2k15, and begin a new one. Cheers to a better year folks! Don't wish for it but work to make it happen! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Return Legacy Skincare Review

Hello Hey Ola everyone! If you're wondering who is that girl invading my blog space well it's ME! I am back to share with yall some 
miracle products that brings the BABY back to my skin. Honestly my skin feels super smooth and bouncy again right now and it's thanks
to the good people from RETURN LEGACY who brought me some products to try, guess what, it really did Return my Youthful skin again
haha trying so hard x)

Anyways, a lil bit about them if you haven't heard about this brand. As epic as the name itself, RETURN LEGACY is a company dedicated to 
help people achieve healthier skin. They're very much focused on the scientific way to cater to people's busy lifestyle nowadays. It's very 
obvious that they're on a very scientific route than our traditional natural folks remedies, like how it's stated on their company website, 
"At Return Legacy, true science is a priority. Return Legacy is a different kind of company. It is evident in our people, our products and
 especially in our science. Our science is our foundation, Science is at the heart of everything we do." With Scientist and developers 
from mainly Japan and France, they sound pretty scientific alright, so anyways, here are the products from Return Legacy:

 So here's my BARE FACE (except for some eyeliner, mascara, and lip tint cause I'm vain like that!) after using the product for a week

I've used all the products everyday for a week and I must say it did made a visible difference on my skin. Also because from the start, 
my usual skincare routine only includes a moisturizer, because it's either I'm lazy, or I put excuses on top of my laziness to be not able 
to spend time on taking extra care of my skin. On a daily basis I would just slap on some moisturizer after cleansing and GO! Really like 
how you would see the good people at the mamak slapping oil on the roti canai is exactly how the way I apply moisturizer on my face. I 
wouldn't even take time to gently pat and dance the tips of my fingers on my epidermis, let along include an additional product to my 
fast daily routine. However trying this, really did made me realise the difference between slapping moisturizer on like how you would
slap oil on your roti, compared to how you would slowly marinate a turkey, slowly massaging the sauce into the meat and caressing it till 
it gets tender. It's the same thing with SKINCARE! Spend extra time on it, and the results will be different! Okay idky am I taking food as 
reference right now must be the Christmas spirit but you get what I mean. 

The first product is H+ from their Reox series,  
aka the Magical Spray that erases signs of aging. 
The packaging itself looks pretty scientific and unique! 

3 major functions
Moisturizing / Oil Control / Skin Repairing 

What's so special about this magical spray is that it is proprietary blended and infused with Japan's new technology-Micro Mineralised 
Nutrient Technology (MMNT) - commonly known as micro-clusteres technology. This new technology is from Japanese heritage which 
allows molecules of trace elements become SMALLER to ENHANCE penetration through the skin > activate the skin cells > promote skin
 metabolism and blood circulation > and excrete aging cells through the skin directly. 

// 1 //
Add H+ into makeup remover, the micro cluster will refine molecules structure to dissolve the residue makeup quickly. 

// 2 //
Spray H+ on the face. I spray about 5 times for sufficiency. Then wait a while and pat it till it's fully absorbed. 

// 3 //
I use step 2 + step 3 next. (face essence + hydrating gel cream) 

There's many factors besides impatiently slapping on moisturizer that causes our skin to age. Our everyday environment for example 
is one of the top reason why our skin strain. Going in and out of the office, under air conditioned room for hours, then going out facing 
the harsh weather, facing the UV rays outdoor and indoor (yes, your computer screen and light bulbs produce UVs too). Not only that, diet, 
lifestyle, heredity, and other personal habits ages our skin. DID YOU KNOW, after the age of 20, a person produces about 1% LESS COLLAGEN 
in the skin each year?! :o As a result, skin becomes more fragile with age :( Gah I don't wanna grow ooooooldd.....

Now step 2 is a product that is used as face essence and also can be used on targeted parts, the power of Redoxy is meant for anti-aging, anti-oxidation, hydrating, boosting collagen, repairing scares and marks, rejuvenating, brightening, firming and what's best about this product is 
it's micro-clustered technology allows nutrients to penetrate deeply and nourish the cell. A combination of both natural and scientific, Redoxy 
is characterized by a unique composition of milk peptide, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, salmon peptide, alpha-lipoic acid, collagen, growth factors, vitamin C, kojic acid, vitamin E and hydroxylated lecithin. To learn more about what each ingredient contributes click on their link HERE 
it's pretty interesting!

This is probably my favorite product from them, it checks the box of everything I need in a skincare: GOOD SMELL - it has this faint 
floral / milk smell that I find very elegant and feminine about, it's REALLY LIGHT WEIGHT hence it's not sticky or makes me feel 
like my pores are being blocked nor do I feel like I have an extra layer of skin on my face. I apply them directly on problematic 
areas like my eye bags - to reduce puffiness, wrinkles - to reduce fine lines, and my dark spots from previous acne scaring

The 2° Activator Hydro is another item that is very light weighed and easily absorb, seriously feels like I'm wearing nothing! 
When you shake the bottle a bit it moves like jelly so I'm thinking it's a gel type. 
While it being breathable and absorbs easily, I still prefer Redoxy because it's thicker hence in my mind it's more concentrated. 

So my current skincare routine is cleanse > H+ > Redoxy > 2° ACTIVATOR HYDRO. But guys it doesn't end there ;)

Mediterranean diet traditionally includes fruits, vegetables and grains. Research has shown that the traditional Mediterranean diet reduces 
the risk of heart disease. My diet terrifies me because sometimes I can't remember when was the last time I ate fruits or vegs, even if I did it 
won't be the main consumption for me. Hence Medigold helps my diet cause it has an ORAC value of 10k which comprises approximately 
800g fruits and vegs per serving. Just in case you're curious, it has a formmulation of Oxxynea (extracted from a combination of 11 superfruit 
and 11 vegetables), Olive Extract, Vinovia Red Grape Extract, L-Glutathione, L-Arabinose, Chromium Yeast, Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO) 
and Vitamin C, like always the benefits that each ingredient provides are HERE

It comes in 30 sachets per box, and you're suppose to consume one in the morning and one before you sleep. When stirred and consumed, 
it has this berry scent / taste, certainly tastier than eating a raw stick of celery, haha. BUT of course, even though you're taking in 1600g 
of fruits/ veg (let's say you do consume medigold day and night) you should still ALSO eat your real veg and fruits okayyyy. Anyways, the 
benefits of Medigold includes antioxidant, immune booster, liver detoxifier, weight loss, help in cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy
blood lipid profile, good for blood sugar control, regulate bowel movements, brain-protecting ability, for skin healthy and supple. WOW. 
that's a lot of benefits! 

Always take good care of your base, without a healthy base whatever you use to cover it won't do justice. Thank you RETURN LEGACY
for pampering me, well at least making me push myself to take care of my base more :) If you want to know more about them, here are their link!

Website link:

 Facebook link:

 Instagram link:

that's about it folks! Till next time! x 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bifesta Makeup Remover review

 Things I put on my face: 
eye shadow, fake eyelashes, fake eyelashes glue, pencil liner, liquid eye liner, mascara, foundation, different shades of concealer, 
highlighter, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick. Hahahah, that's no wonder I take so long to prepare for an outing.


Yeah yeah, you might think being a girl is DIFFICULT! And BOYS, you might think we do our make up just because we want to LOOK GOOD JUST TO IMPRESS YOU... or you think we're INSECURE... or you think we DON'T LOVE OURSELVES... Oh boys, stop being so full of yourself because some of us girls, just simply LOVE MAKE UP, and we do it simply because of ourselves! Not you :P But with all these over-load of chemicals we slap on our face, it's really essential to take good care of the base (OUR SKIN!) Removing our make up is a MUST! Because we need to let our skin (pores to be exact) breath naturally. And we all know that at least ONCE in our life (or a week / month / year) we find ourselves guilty waking up in the morning on the wrong bed with our makeup on SINCE LAST NIGHT! My friend who works in a well-known skin care brand (who has a flawless-porcelain-kind of skin) once told me before that, "If you sleep with your make up on for ONE NIGHT is equivalent to letting your skin age for ONE YEAR..." YIKES! imagine how many years we've already let our skin aged. Hence, I cannot stress any further, that putting on make up is fun, but you always shouldn't "forget" to remove it by the end of the day.


I've been trying this product for almost 2 weeks now and it's time to talk about it. Friends, meet Bifesta (pronounced as Bee-Festa), claimed to be Japan's 1st Drugstore Water-Based Makeup Remover (3 bottles are sold every minute in Japan!) "Bi" Means Beauty in Japanese while "Festa" is an abbreviation of Festival, Beauty Festival! And they're all about WATER!

It's not a surprise that a lot of people think that water based makeup removers are less powerful than their oil-based counterparts. But for me through experience, oil based removers not only leaves an uncomfortable oily residue even after I tried washing them off my face urgh! >:( they are also not the best for oily-prone or sensitive skin. In fact, they made my face breakout even more! On top of college stress and hormones problem, the oily leftover make-up remover really wasn't doing justice to my face :( I myself stay far far away from products which are oil-based or has a lot of alcohol ingredients in them, and usually use cleansing milk or any other natural organic product to keep me away from the bad experience. If you guys had the same bad experience with me before, today I wanna introduce to you guys a make up remover that is all about that bass WATER! 


Their star product and what a lot of beauty bloggers from all over the world have been raving about is Bifesta's cleansing lotion series.
Catered to different types of skin, Bifesta is a brand which ONLY provides Makeup Removers;  4 handy variants for different skin types:

Enrich (dry skin : added Co-enzyme Q10 for rich moist), 
Sebum (oily skin : with green tea extract to reduce pore size), 
Brightup (combination skin : removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores), 
Moist (dry and sensitive skin : with double moisturising ingredients to provide high moisture effect) 

It promises to Moisturise,  Tones, and Removes, and YES! It did live up to it's promises! Not only that NO RINSING IS REQUIRED! (sayy whaaat?!) I've been trying it for 2 WEEK already and I can tell you it absolutely melt and grabs off every trance of make up from your face! I'm really happy about that btw, and amused at the same time that "some water-based" product can do this so easily... Because at the back of my mind I had a sceptic feeling beforehand that "How powerful can a water-based make up remover be??" But clearly that sceptical thought changed when I
tried this product for myself. Btw, the one I'm using is BrightUP (the purple one) for my combination skin type.

When I like to use it:
I like to put this in the shower and just grab a few piece of cotton and wipe it off! Easy-Peasy (So I dont' feel sleepy - lol, wtf, bad rhyme) So after a long day all you need is a few pumps (3 max for me) on a cotton pad to wipe off all your make up easily so you can go to bed fast! Best solution for lazy girls who have no time like me who want things done QUICK, EASY & EFFECTIVE (Oh God, I sound like an auntie already)! Best use for everyday-light-makeup look; like foundation / concealer / blush / light eye makeup. 

RM 27.80


Speaking of being QUICK, EASY & EFFECTIVE...

Make up wipes are all the rage for Travels / Sleepovers ! And here guys, is how Bifesta's makeup wipes look like with and without their wrappers. Being a Jr. Art director myself, I really look up to Japanese's minimalist and super clean packaging design, I also really appreciate it when my cosmetics (AND EVEN MAKE UP REMOVERS) are designed to not only do a great job, but also look pretty at the same time. Hahahaha.. I'm sorry
I really can't live without pretty things, x.

The hard case it comes in is not refillable, but it does give the whole packaging a more solid grab. Really one sheet is ALL YOU NEED because 
ONE SHEET > the size of my face. Even can remove heavy / stubborn eye make up! And if you're wondering, there's actually 46 sheets of really wet cotton wipes in box. So let's say you remove your makeup once a day, one box is more than enough for you to last for a whole month! :O

When I like to use it:
I usually, quite often, sometimes have spontaneous trips / sleepovers whenever I'm free or when I feel like it. So all I need to grab for my 
makeup remover is this! Easy to fit in my bag, and I know that with just this box I can remove my WHOLE FACE already! :D PERFECT for 
out-of-home situations. lol

RM 19.80


Hehehehhe, here's how I look like with and without my usual weekend eye makeup. For this product there definitely is oil in it, you need to shake the bottle to mix the oil and water first, then drip a few drops onto a cotton pad and I usually like lay it on my closed eyes for about 10 seconds then wipe it off! It does feel a lil oily when first apply, but after use the oil just dissipates after a few seconds! It definitely doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes (THANKFULLY!!! Because I had a situation once when I used another brand's eye makeup remover which belongs to my friend's when 
I was staying over her place and it made my eyes swollen and red within seconds!) Also, it doesn't give you that cloudy / blur effect in your eyes when you remove it with your contact lens on.

When I like to use it:
With just ONE SWIPE this lips + eye makeup just easily removes every stubborn mascara / fake eyelash glue! I like to use it on days where I wear heavy eye make up (think wedding / events / photoshoots). Gentle on eyes, tough on removing make up! :)

RM 22.80


Overall I thought that for this price, it's really WORTH IT because of it's quick and effective results. Packaging is a beauty as well!! (you know that feeling when you have guest over your house and when they enter your bathroom and nods with approval at the sight of this lovely design lol) They say most of the pretty girls can't cook, but this pretty product can certainly pack a punch! (Don't know if that metaphor makes sense or not lol) Anyways, it's definitely a product worth buying and I'll definitely recommend it to my friends who seek for non-oil based makeup removers :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this review merci Bifesta Malaysia for the lovely products 

xx, love you guys 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Dating App Experience - #LunchClick Review

Dating. Dating online. Dating through an app.

Dating through an app used to be a taboo everyone had a skeptic feeling against, well at least for me in my opinion, I used to raise an eyebrow when I hear someone I know using a dating app, but funny how things changed very quickly when I decided to give some dating apps a go (when I say some I meant only Tinder). Funny how this silly conversation has managed to shift from, "Oh my God, xxx is on Tinder?!" to "But everyone's on Tinder, what's wrong with that?" Out of boredom and curiosity, my girlfriends and I tried using some dating apps, just to take a look around and see what's this big hype about, but along the way, there are tonssss of creepers (creepy guys /pervs) along the way and it almost seemed like the road of gentlemen was lost– well then again who in the right mind would search for romance on a dating app, the thought of it just doesn't fit, does it? Like what society has warned us, you'll encounter a bunch of very sexual messages, of guys who have no conception of what charm or manners is, and who go in straight for the "DTF?" (which means down to f***, for the uninformed). And also not to forget a lot of kidnapping cases that we see on the newspapers are linked to dating apps and about how the girl getting cheated... Cheated for their body,  cheated for their money, etc... Ah yikes, it's a scary world! I have some girl friends telling me experience that they have some offers for Sugar Daddies on dating apps, another worst case is that one of my girlfriend was dating this guy for almost a year, and to find out at the end she was the third wheeler all along, but the story doesn't end there, turns out the guys is married!! Yikes! And so, with that said, dating apps are still more likely to yield mixed feelings rather than an overall positive experience... Especially for us girls, if you know what I mean. Somehow like porn lol a lot of the existing dating apps out there seem to be mainly catered to guys, and us girls, don't get a really great experience.

But today, since we girls should be looking out for each other, I wanna introduce to you girls (and guys) LunchClickthe first dating app that has security features that caters to those who want a safe experience. Brought to you by LUNCH ACTUALLY, the well-known biggest dating agency in Southeast Asia HAVE YOU NOT HEARD ABOUT THEM?! I've heard of them a few times before and seen some few ads popping up on the side of my news feed quite some time, maybe because GOOGLE KNOWS EVERYTHING, including that you're very lonely being single for so long, lol. Anyways, back to LunchClick , it has Manual Profile Approval: love assistant will vet through all incoming profiles and rejects the non-legit ones. Non-legit ones meaning the people who have inappropriate pictures (this includes no dick pic allowed k guys, you think what?! we girls get turned-on by that?! Nooo...) or people who are already attached (as can be seen through their Facebook profiles) So if you're not single on Facebook, it also means 
that you're not legit enough to use the app k, so take warning for all you cheaters and scandals-er out there, LOL. 

*omg is that a match?!*

And you know how some people have that ego issue, where you say yes to everyone but you never say anything in the conversation... Well, LunchClick only allows ONE MATCH PER DAY, so that guys aren't able to swipe endlessly to check out female users around and this won't appeal to people who just want to play "the numbers game". So let's say today you liked / disliked your "match" you can only wait another 24hours to see who's your next "match". Interesting right? 

*someeeeee-dayyyy my prince will coooomeeee*

It's easy to see that obviously LunchClick is for those who are serious about searching for the right match, and it's not very for those who are searching for one night stands, or those who use fake profile. So gurlfriendddds, don't worry cause you won't be getting bombarded with tons of creep messages by creepy guys. So far, this is the most legit-ly secure app for ladies that I've seen so far! "Don't look for love, let love find you..." It is said to let love come naturally, but sometimes, naturally ain't working very well for some people, that's why we have secure dating apps like this to help us push ourselves in our dating life. For some people dating app acts like a cupid for them, and I guess it's good news too for those people with a busy schedule who hardly go out to events to meet new people, this is where dating apps come in. Well guys (and girls), if you're single, available, and ready to mingle, why not give LunchClick a try? 
Download LunchClick now on 
Play Store: 

And don't forget,