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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MARCH into Shopbop SALE!

Can't believe FABuary passed by soooo fast! It's the third month of the year now and what better way to embrace this new month 
with new sales! Usually around this time of the year, sales would be coming around stores everywhere! and this time, SHOPBOP's 
sale came early but ONLY exclusively from MARCH 3rd until MARCH 8th (FIVE DAYS ONLY GUYS for this amazing sale)


15% with purchase over $250
20% with purchase over $500
25% with purchase over $1000

Basically, the more you spend the more discounts you get in this 5 days! 
and psstt! There's even a COUPON CODE for shopbop right HERE! what!??! I'm so getting something.

Awesome items to get like (from left on the picture):
the awesome red Contratian ONE by Bibb dress (top selling from last month)
Shopbop has a new brand called PRABAL GURUNG (the floral skirt) which is worth checking out! 
KOKU's cute cuba bucket bag! totally looks adorable for beaches and travels!
Talk about travels, Marc Jacob's Loco Domo Packrat Backpack is so versatile! 

Currently I'm now looking at a bag from DIANE VON FURSTENBERG,
Arghhhh I only have 5 days to decide to get it or not! yikes! Happy shopping guys! 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


coat: ZARA / silk top: similar here / shoes: FOREVER21 / mesh skirt: similar here

Sorry to disappoint that nothing here is Valentino, lol. Somehow that's what I thought of naming this look- also because it looks romantic.
Okay one thing I think is my weakness as well is that I am hands-down a sucker for romance, I've noticed it a lot recently... This is bad.
I mean I'm not sure if it's because of Valentine's month, this whole love thing is just making me nuts almost. It's not that I have someone
to love, it's just that I grew sensitive and tight with my emotions this month... Guess that's always something that I've neglected and 
pushed aside for far too long now, and since that I've reconnected with this lost box, I've found a reason why I kept it safe in the first 
place... Love is tough, and confusing at times, of course the feeling of cloud nine is absolutely to die for, but you know what they say 
the higher you fly, the greater you fall... IDK, I guess the reason why I'm talking about love now it's also because I'm crying my eyeballs 
out listening to KODALINE - HIGH HOPES. I never watched the MV before, and I watched it just now, and I'm just flowing with tears... 
lol. I guess it just got me thinking about the feeling of love again, of how you first met that special someone, and then laughing at your
 own inside jokes, and how you first shared a kiss together, that feeling of how his hands feel in yours... sigh... sure it's sucky to think 
that you're back being alone again, haha. I'm really sorry for turning the mood this gloomy guys, I normally am not like that, LOL 
Blame it on the song...

I guess I'm better at talking about OOTDS sometimes... lol

 I always think that lace, silk, and mesh clothing always give a seductive vibe. It would be wrong if I didn't finish this look with 
my red lips and grey contacts. I love how the back has lace details as well. Always had a difficulty styling lace + satin materials,
they always have a slouchy pajamas kindda feel to it, that's why I paired it with a more formal looking mesh mini skirt, and I also 
added on some heels so this look won't be looking too flat(s) (see what I did there, hahahaah).

and hello everyone!  If you're celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year! the past me is writing this blog post now in advance, 
because the future me or the "current" me is probably having a reunion dinner with the fam spending some quality time together. 
I'm so not looking forward to the jam... a 2 hours drive back to my hometown could easily turn to a 5 hours drive :(
Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow folks! For those on the road, drive safe!! AND GONG HEY FATT CHOY! :) 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lil loves everywhere

Valentines day is just TOMORROW! Time to celebrate the spirit of love with loved ones, and to remind yourself, that no matter who 
you are, what you do, you will always be loved and remembered :) Even tho if you don't have anyone to celebrate with, it's always nice 
to take this time of the month to be reminded that you are still human, and all of us needs love, and to feel loved. There's a saying that 
goes, "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." Which I think couldn't be more true.  It could be the same minds, with 
the same type of liking; or it could be totally opposites which compliments each other in the most perfect way. Or it could be 2 different 
people discovering different things about each other and ending up liking that odd habit or liking something that you've never thought
 you'd like from the other person. I don't know if what I said makes sense or not, but it might take a life-time to figure out who that 
person may be, and if only there was an access card or an express way to find out who is the right person without going through the 
process of searching and dating countless people to only find out that you've been hanging around douce-bags or bitches. Never know
the woman or man that you've spent half of your life with isn't the one for you. Never know that someone you've spent your patience, 
time, money, and love isn't the one you are gonna marry. Have you ever thought of one day waking up realizing that the person sleeping 
next to you isn't right for you? It is a terrible thought to think about, but sometimes we still fight in the name of love, and that is good
because we've gave it our all and tried things out without regretting. GEEZY cheessy wings, I don't know why I've been writing about 
love so much these days... I guess the month of love really got me this time, ANYWAYS! BTT (backtotopic) it's always nice to have 
some lovey-dovey elements around you to remind you that you are loved! For example:

1) WILDFOX sleeping mask 
this couldn't be any cuter! I've been thinking of getting one to enjoy afternoon naps, which one is the cutest??? I can't decide!

2) REBECCA MINKOFF Heartbreaker bag 
I know I've been talking about this brand since months ago! And they never get old seriously, how cute is that bag. 
Advisable not to bring it out on a first date... You wouldn't want the guy that you like to have a wrong impression of ya, lol.

3) FOR LOVE & LEMONS Heart Bralette 
one of my FAVOURITE brands. Loving their fun yet enchanting and whimsical designs! 
One of which is this super cute bralette, a perfect gift to buy for your girlfriend and bring her laughs instead of just 
buying a lingerie and hoping for sex afterwards. I think this type of playful bralette will just make her laugh, haha

4) VENESSA ARIZAGA Te Amo pearl earrings
A jewelry brand which carries cute girlie designs, a lot which looks fun and delicate! perfect for everyday! 
I think what made these earrings special is that the pearls are dangling down. Ultra cute when you tie your hair up with these.

5) HELEN FICALORA xox charm
I always think that it's absolutely sweet for a guy to buy a girl a charm. It just acts like a gentle reminder of him,
similar to a ring that a girl would wear everyday, I think a charm is also equally "charming", hehe. 
Especially charms with both initials on, omg, I am so absolutely cheesy!! 

6) ZHUU emoticon bag
Even something small like this with a cheeky emoticon blowing a kiss face is good to be reminded of love! 
Love how it didn't incorporate the ori graphic emoticon on this canvas bag, yet choose do go a bit hand-drawn. 
Very unique indeed. 

So girls, even if you don't have a partner to celebrate with tomorrow, always remember that love exist, 
and we don't need to find love, I guarantee love will come finding you :) So always be joyful and grateful that you 
even woke up today, and is a part of this beautiful world. Always give the world the best of you, even though it might 
wants more. Always give people kindness even though they may think your kindness comes with a motive, give them 
anyways. Always give people laughter and joy, even though some may be jealous of your happiness, smile anyways :) 

Goodnight lovelies
even if no one tells you this, I wanna tell you I love you anyways :) xx

Thursday, February 12, 2015

All REDdy

dress: ROOM8008 / jacket: ZARA / shoes: FOREVER 21 / accessories: DIVA

ALL READY FOR VALENTINES DAY? Haaha nahhhhh. p/s I think the last time I celebrated this holiday was 3 years ago! Damn! But of course I'm not gonna be sour about it this year, I mean it's sweet to celebrate love on this specific day, but loving someone shouldn't be just ignited on Valentines day. It should be little by little each day. It's really difficult to find someone who loves love, our culture certainly doesn't love love, it loves the idea of love, it wants the emotions without paying anything for it – which I think is ridiculous. How can you love something that you've never put your effort into or something that you've never worked hard into – to let it grow, and to let it nurture, and to take your guards down completely and vulnerably fall into a pit of uncertainties that could happen. Again, like I said before, you'll never know what you're gonna get without trying full-heartedly. Of course this strange idea of loving is absolutely terrifying. I always believe and still do think that love will always win over everything else. But I guess that's just been a silly belief of mine. Recently something happened that got me thinking that maybe love itself really can't prevail over everything, maybe surviving and feeding off love itself can't really solve the problem there is there. Maybe we all knew the problem was always there but us being silly, we always want to try things out, for example, we always want to get the things we can't get the most, change someones perspective towards something, or for my case, save something that just can't be (or needs a miracle to be) saved – and when you tried your best
and put your heart in something and failed, you'll just feel damn helpless about it... Okay let's change topic before I use up a tissue box again lol Furthermore, I do get asked, "Why are you single?" all the time. The question is annoying and it only leads to self-doubt and worry, it makes me question myself, "Am I okay? What's wrong with me?" Overall it's a question that leads to overthinking – usually I'll just shrug it off and change to another topic, haha. Anyways, Valentines is coming, for those of you who don't have a lover to celebrate with, well chin up, back straight, because nothing is more attractive than being confident – and that means loving yourself, being totally okay even if you don't have no one to celebrate with, and knowing that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU, LOL always think of that when people ask you that annoying question again LOL. I always think that confidence is the sexiest thing ever. A guy that catches my attention is not one who has the nice car, the stylish clothes, the dark, tall handsome looks, but is a guy who is confident and knows what he wants. Imagine having a GQ-model-quality guy, who has a sexy-ass ferrari (with corgis in it), but he's vibe is not confident at all, he's controlling, he's low-esteemed, he's can't decide what he wants in life (or what to eat during the first dinner date out with you), or having terrible terrible trust issues that leads to questioning you all the time at every lil single thing you do... Oh my god.. how unattractive is that? Like I said for me, confidence covers it all in the long term. anyways, I'm getting a lil off topic again.. LOL

I was just gonna talk about the tittle "ALL REDDY" (puns intended) but I guess my mind got wondered away lol. When someone asks me what color that I liked, in my mind I used to think that every color brings me joy (except for poop green/brown - sorry mate) But after stirring this question up, it was really difficult for me to choose, I liked all colors, but the one color that I know I always go for was RED. My friend noticed this from me that
I always painted my nails red, my lips were always red- surprisingly my safe choice, I always liked to have a red Ferrari, I always wore this red strawberry necklace, it couldn't have got me more obvious that I always carried a red item on me. Then again maybe black as well, but black ain't a hue, so if I were to choose my favourite color, it would be RED, i just can't see myself with black nails or lips LOL. 

I think that red do brings out the fire-y characteristic of a person. It's loud, it's outspoken, it's passionate,
and it's confidently sexy. I think every girl should have at least one lil red thing. for instance,

1. PHILIP LIM's Pashli Mini Satchel 
is definitely an eye-catcher. It has got my eyes for a very very long time now, ah man, just one of those designer bags that you won't forget because of it's unique shape. I've always been a fan of their Pashli Mini Satchel, to be honest it looks great in any colors! But what got my attention the most is this red one. 

2. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Heart earrings 
Ever since reading that comic book - NANA ages ago when I was in high school, I always find myself drawn onto this brand. love their classic Orb earrings, but love this one even more because there's heart shapes in red! LOL

3. BLUE LIFE slit halter dress
I think it is crucial for a girl to have a red dress in their closet. with 2 slits on the sides, it really looks like what I'm wearing now.

4. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Varina Patent Flats
I know ferragamos are famous for heels, but if I were to ever get one they would be these cute flats with their signature bow!

5. ZAC ZAC POSEN Milla Phone Wristlet
Loving their iconic bow on the bottom design clutches, and now they have a teeny-tiny red one for the phone which is absolutely adorable! I think if you're not one to pull off a statement red item, try out this tiny one instead!