Monday, September 29, 2014

Multi cool hoodie.

hoodie : PENCEY STANDARD from SHOPBOP / top : BKK / bottom : printed skirt similar HERE  / shoes : NIKE

It's the cold season and we're more closer to winter now! :D Oh no, there's no snowy winter wonderland in our country, just plain rain....
It's a sad thing how our country's weather is unlike other european season where they have the the fall, spring, summer and winter. 
For us it's just summer all year long with a few hours of rain when it's close to the end of the year, but then again,
Sometimes I appreciate the fact that we don't need to go through snow storms, and don't need to invest on
huge, thick snow jackets that makes you looks like the michelin-man. Our weather is pretty unpredictable, something
like the london weather I may have heard, it rains unexpectedly, and it'll get sunny all of a sudden, or the other way round!

recently while I was scrolling shopping through SHOPBOP I realized this pretty cool hoodie that reminded me of a biker jacket
except that it wasn't made in leather! The open laid back triangle flap on it's collar signifies the edgy look on a leather jacket,
but this material was just cotton! Don't be fooled by the material guys, it does keep you warm, at the same time cooled,
it's not too warm, not too chilly, which is PERFECT for our local weather. Not only that, there's some surprising ways to wear this jacket!

How often do you see me in sneakers, hoodie and a cap eiy? The cuddle weather nowadays just makes me so lazy!
 I just wanna snuggle and live in this jacket. Plus the snapback was because I had major bad hair day that time, haha!
Alright, folks, be amazed! The sleeves, and the hood are both detachable from this hoodie! How cool is that!?
Perfect for our weather, when it's hot you can remove the sleeves, and when it suddenly downpour you can add 
the sleeves back with the hoodie to keep you wet-free! Very versatile and this is the reason why I bought it as well,
it can be a vest, and another second it can be a hoodie !:) Thanks to the brand Pencey Standard, they have a lot of nice 
basic wears that are totally chic, a lot of greys and black which you can match with anything just like this hoodie ! 

Here's to another look! Hahaha, while taking pieces and pieces of my clothing off the passer-bys thought I was stripping or something,
haha I could see it in their face as I unzip my sleeves one by one. i was just afraid if someone might call the security guard,LOL

Check out for somemore cool hoodies here
 I personally have to say that T by Alexander Wang has some pretty awesome pieces, I really don't understand how she can design
some plain looking jackets and turn them into absolute trend setter pieces it's mind-blowing! Alright guys, have fun shopping!

I'm gonna head to my bed now because god, this weather is making me so sleepy all the time!
goodnight! xx

Monday, September 22, 2014

Funk up your pajamas pants

Ignore the sleepy eyes, I think the pants really do make me overly comfortable at times it seems inappropriate.

To be honest, 
I always had problem styling "pajamas" pants. "Pajamas" pants = with big prints, low waist, and looks a bit baggy.
To be honest again, these are my ONLY "pajamas" pants because I get so frustrated at styling them. But for this look, 
I paired these lil lazy trousers with a cut out grey top for a structure made for functions. If you get what I mean,
the cut outs from the top do help to give the pants an edgier look, instead of pairing it with just a plain crop top,
which you can actually see here on my PULP in BANGSAR REVIEW where I just paired the pants with a plain crop top.
This time it's time to pump in some funk and groove into the outfit!!! (even tho my face doesn't show it lol sorry guys)
Also like the way I did you can add a colorful accessory to funk up your look when you're wearing a plain top over.
For my case, I like adding a pop of color to my bag, you can check out some really cool Fall's Best Bags here where there's 
a gazillion bags I just wanna get! Pstt... Currently I'm insanely in love with any bags from Phillip Lim ... Gah.. Must get!

You see folks, it's not very hard pairing up a statement pants, Yes I know "pajama" pants can be a statement too.
Anything bold on the bottom should be paired with something light and simple on the top for a balanced look,
but to spice things up you can always add colors / funky accessories to make your look more interesting.  
And pardon me, I don't have abs but I'll still shamelessly rock a crop top. I know it's a fashion no-no, 
but don't tell me fat people are not suppose to wear crop tops? haha. no, because fashion is all about fun.

Speaking of fun, I've found some REALLY nice PRINTED pants here 
that you can have a look and maybe add to your closet to funk up your wardrobe! 
So that's it for now folks, if you haven't try out this "funky-pajamas-pants" trend do give it a go! 
Never know you might like it! ;) 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Picnic Adventures

Dress : BKK (similar ones HERE )/ shoes : F21 / basket bag : Bali

Trying hard not to burst into tears of laughter because I'm hardly the type to wear a lace sun dress (ViVi style) hahahah. 
But what to do, it's a picnic, so I must wear to suit the theme! Even my bag is a mini "picnic" basket I bought from Bali, 
I notice that whenever I feature this lil darling, a lot of my friends will come and ask me where did I get it from, haha. 
Well you famous lil basket. I should be blogging about my bali trip soon, Oh gosh when will it be The Time. haha damn.
But again I would say some un-happy things happened in Bali and it always pulled me back from talking about that subject.
But oh wells! Time to dust it off the shoulders and get on with it! Folks, hang in there with me I sure will blog about it soon, 
but for now, let's talk picnic! yay for picnics!! I always enjoy the fun of preparing for one...xx

 FYI, I am wearing pants underneath this ultra short dress. so don't hope to see anything here LOL
Love how you can tie a ribbon on the back. Ultra adorable dress!

I'm actually so scared if someone pushes me into the pond cause well frankly I can't swim. Still, I'll pose for the blog!! lol
 This style reminds me so much of ViVi, the japanese girls, with the brown curly hair, and the mini short white lace dress,
with those gladiator shoes and a small bag. Well I know I may fail at looking like those adorable-princess-kawaii Jap girls,
but I'm just trying to bring out that vibe, haha. To be honest, I find that white dresses always symbolize pureness.
Sometimes wearing white dresses may look really plain and boring, and that's not how I like my style to be.
Well I do put importance on comfort for whatever clothes I wear, but appearance always comes first in mind. hehehe.
I know I may be dying when it comes to wearing super killer heels, but if it makes me look good, I'll wear it! (for a few hours)
Lol okay, my point is, when wearing little white dresses (LWD), there's a thin line between huh-who's-that-again? and hey-nice-dress!
It's hard to describe, but you get what I mean. Whenever searching for white dresses, opt for something with an interesting twist to it.
Let's say a simple cut out, or mesh, or with lace or embellishments , or an interesting structure would do justice to a regular plain LWD.
Unless you're planning to style it with accessories and overalls, never walk out of home with a plain LWD.
People would be wondering why are you wearing your pajamas out of home. Lol.
As we speak, I found some really interesting pieces of LWD here in SHOPBOP.
most of them are not just the regular plain ones which is great!

Okay, not back to my picnic adventure!

We had our tiny lil gathering at desa park city which sucks because the guards chased us away when it was 7pm!!
WHAT THE HELL? and you know la malaysian weather, you can only go for picnics during the evenings where it's not too hot,
even when we were there around 6.30pm we were already getting sweaty and sticky (ew!). But OMG!
Shortest picnic ever?!?!??! came at 6.30pm got chased away like mosquitoes at 7pm!!! So ridiculous!
They should have put up a sign or something AT LEAST saying "No Picnics After 7PM" DUhhhhh...
Can you imagine people coming all the wayyyy here just to sit on their mat and eat their food by the the lake,
and then getting chased off for no good reason wondering What's Wrong????!! Sighhh..
So sad we didn't get to enjoy ourselves, sit down, talk and chill, play cards by the lake like we wanted :( what a turn off!!

People people, NEVER GO TO DESA PARK CITY for picnics after 7... I wonder why though! the guards didn't explain much :/
As much as I love Desa Park City, I hate how they shoo-ed us off like cats in the Mamak!
But well... At least I did manage to get some pictures of our food :(

My friend Serena made these awesomely adorable rice balls with stuffings that has different characters!! SO CUTE I DIE! 

Probably the most carb-filled combo in picnic history ever!!!
LOL I made the eggs with tuna ( I call it the egg thingy) and the eggs with tuna sandwiches!
and I'm glad to say it was all finished on the spot before the guards chased us away. haha so proud! :D
But boy, that mash potato that my friend Nadine made were so goood! wish I could have another scoop of it!
We had to gulp scoops full of mash because we were secretly eating them when the guards weren't looking.
Yes, we waiting for a while for the guards to just go away, but no the didn't T_T

Oh well, I look forward to another picnic!! Enjoy the outdoor with the breeze and fresh air!
and of course the company of good friends :)
To the next picnic!! To more awesome, girly, pretty picnics, and somehow this remind me of the collection of beautiful mugs,
candles and teapots from Jonathan Adler. You guys should check it out, his collection is seriously the cutest!
Whimsical and beautifully crafted, I can't get over them and I'm thinking of buying one or two as christmas presents for a friend.
Yeah, I know it's not christmas yet, BUT IT'S GOING TO ! LOL, that's it for now peeps, talk to you realll soon! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


top : BKK / bottoms : online shop / clutch : TOPSHOP / pearl necklace : LOVISA / rings : F21

Oh guys, nothing much, I just got back from the third day of New York Fashion Week, feeling extremely exhausted right now, 
Sat with my gurl RiRi and Rita Ora, we had such an amazing time in the front row with the VIPS, my buddy Karl was asking me for coffee,
but I had to pass it cause I was too exhausted and overwhelmed by seeing Herve leger's collection on the runway just now,
But we did talk about the passing of our dear friend Joan Rivers while Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs came by to offer us a hug.

*okay random* In my dreamsssss... I shall stop bullshitting now cause it's getting depressing. 

Haha, anybody who's somebody is at New York Fashion Week... Who am I? I'm nobody T__T
Sigh, IF ONLY, ONE DAY, I really wouldn't need to bull shit about it. 
OMG... It just seems like such an impossible thing for me to go there one day....
I'm just a very tiny tiny blogger, lol am I even a blogger? I don't even blog for a living, I just.... well, 
I guess I'm just a girl who's likes to talk about life and share my experiences with yall 
and also take lots of photos of me styling myself and share it out here, hhahah! 

Okay let's get to the point, here's what I wore for DEFINE'S event yesterday. I'll take you guys tru the process of preparing.

I guess it's also because of the hype from New York Fashion Week that caused me to be extra dressed up for this event. And also 
an excuse for me to be dressy, haha. Painted my nails and went to Sephora to get an orang eyeshadow just for this look on the same day 
what the buttttt, I don't usually dress up to this extend, I know some of my friends purposely go buy a dress / suit for a fashion event 
some even go all out from head to toe new for shows, but this event wasn't even a fashion show, it's just a chill type of event overall 
where people drink free flows of Carlsberg, smoke, enjoy the music or performances, and mingle around or catch up with old friends!

For this look I was trying to match it up with the theme : ART! (can't wait for the two FASHION and MUSIC theme ones coming next tho)
At first I wanted to play with colors since it's talking about ART right so what better way to express art through colors,
But then I decided to leave that for fashion, because honestly I don't wanna wear all black for fashion, haha.
 But anyways, So i decided to go with White on White (all time fav) with a POP of color for the eye make up, I didn't know what 
color to go with at first, but when I was in sephora I decided to get orange because of it's funky tone and playful vibes! I got hooked. 
So orange it is, and everything else (actually it's only my nails) should be orange as well! 

// close up details //

Hello! Here's my I sprained my neck pose. LOL

I feel that this could be my serious-but-not-so-serious outfit, know what I'm sayin'? Cause plain white does show a pure side, 
and adding a formal top just gives you that business kindda look. However something special about this top is that it adds 
a twist on the back, where there's a peep through cutting well done for a fun, flirty kindda vibe. Who wants to look so 
serious at an event anyways am I right? So I paired it up with some girly yet sporty knee socks thanks to the bold lines,
and origami shorts to keep the whole look textured. 

// eye make up //
Inspired by well, just-draw-it attitude, LOL I bought a white liner and a new orange eyeshadow from sephora anyways,
so I decided to just why not give it a try! I wanted to buy the whole colorful set at first but no money T__T 
I guess for this look I was somehow inspired by the red-indian kindda vibe, where they put red eye shadow all across your eyes,
But then again, I'm just having fun playing around with the make up on my face, LOL

So that's about it guys! I know I won't be talking much about the event here because I'm planing to update it on my FB page SUNDAESINS
just in case you guys don't know that I have a page. Do follow me there for more updates on my daily not so interesting life 
because I update that page everyday for you guys! (Actually to be honest, I don't even know who am I talking to sometimes.. haha)
But then again it's okay, I talk to myself sometimes too T___T 

LOL, okay! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! Let's roll our sleeves and get back to work!! xx